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Welcome to The Mailbox Adventures, a growing series of highly engaging chapter books. Each story takes young readers on an exciting and action-packed journey to a unique global destination not typically covered in elementary school geography. Your child will join Joey Jimmer-Jefferson and his sister Josie as they travel through mysterious mailboxes to save priceless artifacts, help those in need, and discover their own capacity for courage and quick thinking. 

More than just a story

Spark Awareness

Each book is designed to spark awareness of places and cultures not taught in elementary school geography.

Reading Confidence

Specifically designed to be quick reads, these stories improve reader confidence, especially for reluctant readers.

Communication Skills

Each Mailbox Adventure reinforces the importance of interpersonal communication as a key to problem solving. 

Geographical Knowledge

As young readers travel to each Mailbox Adventure destination, their grasp on world geography improves.

Book 1 Setting: The World's Highest Lake

Join Joey Jimmer-Jefferson on an exciting journey as he is transported to the shore of the world’s highest lake in South America through a mysterious mailbox. With a priceless ancient artifact in jeopardy of being stolen, Joey must use his courage and quick thinking to save the treasure from falling into the wrong hands and return home.

Book 2 Setting: The South Pacific

Follow Joey and his sister Josie as they find themselves on a sailboat in the midst of a fierce South Pacific storm. The people on the boat need help, and it turns out that Josie is just the person they need. Along the way, she discovers courage she didn’t know she had.

Book 3 Setting: Iceland

Join Joey and Josie as they are transported to Iceland and meet a 102-year-old woman who needs their help. But the task she needs requires them to take another mailbox trip to a remote island. Get ready for an adventure filled with rugged landscapes, action, fear, triumph, teamwork, and courage as they seek to accomplish the important task before them.

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